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Webdesigners Content Management System CMS

  • Takes Just A Few Minutes To Setup
  • Allow Clients To Safely Edit Content
  • User Friendly Website
  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • Admin Panel With English (US, UK) and Dutch Language Support
  • Content Hierarchy With Unlimited Depth And Size
  • Learn More About Your Readers, Where They’re From, And How They Found You With Statistics
  • Scalable Solution For Small To Large Businesses


A Content Management System (CMS) is a software system that allows the editor to interact with the website in a number of ways, including website authoring, collaboration and administration. Our CMS is for those users who have little knowledge about programming languages and website development but still are interested in creating and managing their own website with ease. Our CMS offers a graphical user interface which enables you to build content, upload images and multimedia files, and much more.

What is so special about this CMS? Is it worth spending money on this CMS? If these are some of the questions hitting your mind to whom you have not yet got the answer then here is what you are looking for.


You can manage your menus in the Manage Menu section of our CMS. Here you can even create a new menu item, edit an existing menu item or delete a menu item that is no longer required. You can even set a language of your choice over here. You can decide which language will be your default language. If you want to add something extra on either side of your web page, then you can even do so through side texts option.

Page editor

Our CMS allows the website owner to manage pages online simply through an ordinary browser and the changes can be viewed instantly. Thus you can create, edit or delete pages in just few clicks. Since the changes are updated instantly, you don't have to compromise anywhere whether it is time or money. Moreover, you can even add different metatags on each page. This helps your pages to get indexed easily and quickly.

Form editor

Every page design in CMS is controlled and managed by templates. You can select your template in this section and can also change it or customize it so that your website gives a unique look and feel. In this way, you can redesign your whole website withing few minutes by simply choosing the right template.


Our CMS also offers a Guestbook which helps the website owner to get its visitors suggestions or complaints. You can decide by yourself how you want your visitors to receive the guestbook form and what all things they can comment on. Thus you will come to know what your visitors like about you and what they don't.

Search Engine

It is basically an internal search engine which helps your visitors to navigate through pages easily. Our CMS provides a statistics generator which helps you in knowing which are the keywords that are being searched on your website, when they were searched, how many times they have been searched etc. Thus you can know what your visitors wants. It will also tell you which is your largest pages and what is the text size of it. You can even make changes on your internal search engine to help your visitors navigate through pages in an even better way.


We know how important is Sitemap for search engines to get your pages indexed. Thus we have dedicated a part of it only to generate Sitemap. It is enabled by default and so your website always remains up-to-date in search results and gets indexed faster.


Our CMS offers all the statistics that a webmaster is looking for. It gives you a detailed summary about how many people visited your website, how many number of pages have been visited by each visitor, how many times each one of them have taken some actions etc. It also provides all these information based on hours, days, weeks, months, years. All from which country you are getting maximum visitors. Thus you can easily come to know who all are your actual visitors and what they are looking for. All these information that you receive is derived from Google Analytics that is associated with your CMS code.

Additional Modules

Here you can add or remove extra modules to your website that you need. Some of the modules that has been added in addition to the default includes Search engine module, SEO module, Google Analytics which we discussed above. You can even add much more modules apart from these to get some additional benefits from your website.

So our CMS is for everyone, for those having little knowledge about website handling and also for those who are looking for advanced tools to improve their website experience. We, thus, offer commercial results through modern, SEO friendly and easily editable CMS to you.

Complete WebDesign 499 €
Complete webdesign for only 499€
CMS WebDesign 799 €
Full WebDesign easy to maintain with
our CMS. Including 6 month domain-
registration, email CMS


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