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Manage Your Web Pages Easily With Our CMS

  • A Powerful WYSIWYG Text Editor
  • View And Organize Pages In A Simple And Easy Way
  • Add, Modify, or Remove Meta Tags To Each Page
  • Multi-lingual Support For Creating Pages In  English (US, UK) and Dutch Language
  • Restore Option To Restore Pages And Get Last Edited Content Back


We have designed our CMS so elegantly that you can do whatever you want in couple of minutes. We know how important is your time for you and you cannot spend a large portion of your time in just some minor changes or management related tasks. For this, we have made Page Editor module which helps you in managing your pages easily and quickly.

The Page Editor module let you access all of your web pages on your website. Thus you can create new pages, edit existing pages or delete older pages with simple Word processing environment irrespective of your technical expertise. All these management tasks can be carried out via any web browser within few clicks. Moreover, this module provides you a WYSIWYG text editor; so it becomes easier for you add or edit the content on any web page.

Apart from just maintaining your web pages, the Page Editor module even provides the option to give meta tags to each pages. Meta tags are a great way for webmasters to provide search engines with information about their web pages. It is used by search engine crawlers for better understanding about your web pages. This improves your ranking. Thus you can put different meta tags for different pages.

Thus, we are offering the best CMS to our users at Webdesigners. It delivers all the features functionalities which a website builder is looking for. We have made our CMS keeping in mind all kind of people, from newbies to professionals and webmasters. Our CMS will not consume much of your efforts and still provides everything that you can think of.

Complete WebDesign 499 €
Complete webdesign for only 499€
CMS WebDesign 799 €
Full WebDesign easy to maintain with
our CMS. Including 6 month domain-
registration, email CMS


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