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We Do Have PHP/MySQL Developers With Us!

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Webdesigners have a strong hold on PHP/MySQL development. At Webdesigners, we allow you to hire our PHP/MySQL programmers who will only be working for you and will also be directly reporting to you regarding the PHP/MySQL development. Our PHP/MySQL application developers have in-depth knowledge about scripting and a great experience in handling high-end customers.

Now-a-days, PHP have been extensively used against HTML across the Internet. This is all because of its security which a PHP code can provide but not an HTML code. Unlike in HTML, every request sent to the server is processed first on the server itself and then the output is delivered to its destination. MySQL, on the other hand, is a popular and free enterprise database management software. Since MySQL is formed under the GPL; you can customize its function if you have the technical know-how. PHP and MySQL, in combination, forms a perfect solution for an interactive websites and applications.

We have a great team of PHP/MySQL developers with excellent experience in PHP/MySQL web application development, PHP/MySQL website development, Joomla web development, and Drupal web development. Our developers skills includes knowledge about PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux, Core PHP, Ruby on Rails, MVC framework, Flex, Open Source CMS integration and customization, CakePHP, Zend Framework, Joomla development, Drupal development, phpBB forum script installation, WordPress and much more.

All you have to do is hire our PHP/MySQL developers to get with your project. For this, you first have to pay a flat amount of fee for PHP/MySQL development and then we provide you with a list of developers that are suitable for your PHP/MySQL website development and are available. You may make your choice and get started with your project as soon as possible.

In this way, Webdesigners offers the best PHP/MySQL web application development service to its clients based on their selection. We, as a company, can assure you the best results from the work done by our developers. So, do not worry and simply place your quote here. If you have any doubts than you can even get it cleared by clicking on the Sales Enquiries Online button on your right hand side.

Complete WebDesign 499 €
Complete webdesign for only 499€
CMS WebDesign 799 €
Full WebDesign easy to maintain with
our CMS. Including 6 month domain-
registration, email CMS


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