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Contao CMS

  • Build Attractive and User-Friendly Website
  • SEO Friendly Pages
  • Contao Installation, Theme Installation, Migration, Customization, Maintenance and Testing
  • Ecommerce Module, Calendar, News, Blog, and more
  • Cross Browser Compatible


Contao is an open source content management system for professionals who are looking for Internet presence without having the burden of difficulty in maintenance. At Webdesigners, we do install Contao for you. We even help you to know how to use Contao Open Source CMS. Our experts team is also capable of enhancing the core functionalities of Contao to improve user's experience. You may even customize your pages to make your website even more attractive and user-friendly with the help of our team.

Contao, formerly TYPOlight, is a fully featured CMS with a modern interface, easier to use templates, and fewer options (in a good way). It is intended for handling small to medium websites that uses varying kinds of content. It is amazing as it allows designers to add news and events and other modules that usually would have required you to pay some bugs to your developers. It is much faster and easy to install, when compared to others.

We have a highly talented and knowledgeable team of professionals who are well versed in Contao installation and had dedicatedly worked on related project for a longer period of time. You may select your own modules and themes from among hundreds available and our team will implement it on your Contao-based website. If you have any existing Contao-based website, our team can even make necessary changes to include new features and functionalities to it.

Why to choose Contao CMS?

  • It is technically up to date,
  • It generates Standards-compliant (X)HTML code,
  • It is suitable to create accessible websites,
  • It can be installed on shared hosting servers,
  • It supports collaboration with different permissions,
  • It requires less resources than comparable CMS, and
  • It can easily be customized or extended.

Thus, Webdesigners will be your ideal choice for all your Contao CMS website related work. If you have any requirements related to Contao CMS, then you can come to us and we will definitely work it out for you.


Complete WebDesign 499 €
Complete webdesign for only 499€
CMS WebDesign 799 €
Full WebDesign easy to maintain with
our CMS. Including 6 month domain-
registration, email CMS


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